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TV Chef Lidia Bastianich Wearing a Wig.


Television chef and alleged slave owner, Lidia Bastianich, has finally done away with the spray-on scalp camouflage auburn-brown for her bald head, and she can now be seen boiling shellfish alive in a buttery rissoto broth while wearing her brand new wig which she had styled by the same man who cuts MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ real hair.

Close up pics of Lydia’s wig here –>Lydias Wig Photos Up close. 

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Lidia is not wearing a wig per se,  She is wearing a man’s toupee which doesn’t blend in well with her barely existing side hair.  It is, however, nicer than the spray on hair she was using and there is no longer any danger of her dogs dying of lead poisoning from eating the paint chips on her pillow.lydia2

For years, the alleged slave owner/chef, was cursed with a head that looked like a piece of volcanic rock from Mount Vesuvius.    Of course she did have a few wisps of hair, but no one would ever eat anything she made with angel hair pasta for fear that any piece could actually be a piece of Lidia’s falling hair.

According to a source close to the bald TV chef, Lidia started having a hard time organizing dinner parties and luncheons.  Finally she faced the bald truth.

“Nobody would come. If you only knew how many times Lidia’s friends and family bit into a piece of angel hair pasta only to find that it was actually one of the last remaining strands of Lydia’s hair — and she’s no angel.  It got to the point where one could only eat her acclaimed shrimp with angel hair pasta if the guy from the barber shop was there sweeping up around the seats.”

According to what we here at The Damien Zone can measure via the HD plasma screen on which we watch Lidia Bastianich, it’s safe to assume that her head is far too huge and misshapen for most lady’s wigs.   It’s actually kind of funny to see a woman wearing a bad man’s toupee, but the food she was making looked good and the danger of hair in dish was greatly diminished.

A former slave added this little tidbit of information about Lidia’s new hair.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Lidia is a huge fan of MSNBC newsman Chris Matthews and when she contacted him about his hair, a style which she admires greatly, Chris referred her to his stylist Raul St. Pierre, who did the best he could to make Lidia’s toupee look like a delicate woman’s hairstyle.  Things seem to working out well,  but now that Lidia has locked the stylist in the basement of her home and making him slave over her new hair, he has no time for Chris Matthews who is starting to look a little unkempt.”

  1. Here, we thought all along that Lidia had gone through ‘chemo-radiation’ from Cancer & her hair was growing back after losing it!!! What a joke on us! Sincerely, Anonymous

  2. No — she has male pattern baldness. Maybe you’re thinking of one of her slaves.

  3. Wow, what an uplifting article. Thank you.

  4. You know, you’re just mean. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. Get a life

  6. Get a wig.

  7. I think Lidia’s hair looks fabulous! As a woman who has thinning hair, it’s good to know that you can look like a woman and not have to buy those itchy wigs sold in magazines.

  8. I think Lidia’s hair looks sexy! As a woman with thinning hair, it’s good to know I won’t have to trap rats for their silky fur anymore.

  9. Why not a hair transplant. Certainly can afford it. What is more worrisome is the slop she cooks up and then tastes with gusto.

  10. She cannot get a hair transplant because she has no donor hair. Her entire head is bald. Usually, a man can get a transplant because parts of his head — like the back — do not have the genetic makeup to fall out. Those are the hairs that get transplanted. The scar that runs from the back of one ear to the other — that 6 to 7 inch strip from which the plugs are taken – is masked by the hair above it. In Lydia’s case, her entire head was bald — no “donor” hair.

  11. You guys must be queer. Only gays are this rude.

  12. I do not understand the animosity toward Lidia. Even if she is a hard boss to her employees that doesn’t make her an all-around evil person. Lots of people in Hollywood are horrible to work with and yet adored. Please, spare us all your mean-spiritedness. Isn’t there enough of that in the world?

  13. She was accused of keeping a slave — a woman to whom she promised fame and fortune but instead stuck her with the job of cleaning the diapers of a 100-year-old woman — did you understand that part? Of course nothing came of it because she paid off the woman who made the accusations — which, in my opinion — were 100% true. The mean-spiritedness comes from slave owners — celebrities who take advantage of their fans.

  14. Love the recipes that Lidia cooks. And I had learned how to make lots if her recipes. Lidia looks soo beautiful. She is soo nice. She explains her recipes so great. And easy to make. Thank you Lidia.

  15. Love the recipes that Lidia cooks. And I had learned how to make lots if her recipes. Lidia looks soo beautiful. She is soo nice. She explains her recipes so great. And easy to make. Thank you Lidia. MARLENE Greenman

  16. oy vey asskisser

  17. Thank you for the honesty.
    I thought I was the only one who thought these things.
    I love your article.

  18. What a sad bunch of queens with no life that come here to bash someone that they don’t know.

  19. Speaking of sad queens, how are things down there in Louisville, Clay?

  20. Americans who believe everything they read. why don’t they read between the lines and realize what’s really going on in this country? Bored ignorant people!!

  21. i just want to know WHAT kind of rice she uses that only takes 10-12 minutes to cook? i didnt know that Uncle Ben was one of her vendors..i have a top of the line Japanese rice cooker and it takes 20-30 minutes even on the stove it takes 20 minutes… she is the biggest phony butt on tv… the way she talks she gets her accents mixed up..and i almost died when she said that “shelling fava beans was fastidious work,no idiot its tedious work.. and “cooking should be a family ordeal ” Ordeal ?? well that about sums up her attitude towards cooking… dont it ?

  22. This article is too rude to read.

  23. I know, Theresa. You know, with a name like RICE you better not get too close to Lidia and a pot of boiling water.

  24. Female pattern baldness is a thing. Lots of women have this and most older women do. Not everyone goes totally bald, but it’s pretty hard to deal with anyway. Shame on people for making fun and saying she wears a toupee; women wear toppers. Her lifestyle aside – whatever that’s about (bs anyway) – I’m glad some women are
    Willing to show their truths. Plus, her son is hot! ?

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