Premature Smallest Baby Elephant on Facebook is a HOAX!

They’re at it again — the Facebook morons who will believe anything that gets “shared” on their page.  I am getting so sick of this dumbness and carelessness.  How can people be so stupid?

Don’t you know anything about the size of an elephant?  Don’t you realize this baby is 5% the size of a normal baby elephant?

The “baby elephant who needs your help and is struggling to survive” pic is a hoax.  Yes, it’s a real elephant but it’s a photo of an unfortunate early miscarriage — and spreading the picture around on Facebook is an unfortunate  miscarriage of intelligence.

This photo you’re sending to your friends, thinking that you are doing some great service to the elephant kingdom, is a photo of a still-born elephant fetus-  a miscarried baby elephant — a FETUS!!!.  The zoologist who cracked the truth about this story and seems to be the one with the most information can be found here

Do you even know how big a premature elephant would be — even one five months premature?  The image that’s going around Facebook suggests that this is a premature elephant baby which is being cared for by some Dumbo neonatal ICU  — how stupid can you get to think that a baby elephant this size could EVER survive?  More pics here —>

This would be the same as a human baby born the size of a postage stamp having a chance to survive.  I am sure that picture will start floating around next week — what a bunch of stupid asses.

The way I look at this whole story is that if there are morons who can spread false information about an elephant fetus, there must be an equal amount of intelligent people who can spread my story about the truth.  If I can save one child from growing up to a mindless dope like their mother or father, I will be happy.  Think about sharing this story and telling YOUR friends the truth!

“The average person knows nothing about elephant development,” said Dr. Dean Traherne, an expert in elephant obstetrics from the South African Elephant Reproduction and Population and Copulation Center in Zambia.

An elephant as pictured on the viral Facebook photo would be about 15 months premature — perhaps a bit more than that.  There would be no way that animal could survive.  It would be about the same as a human baby born at 2.1 months. As far as the elephant goes, people should have an innate sense of the size of things.  An elephant carries a baby for 22 months and when the baby is born it weighs on average about 230 pounds.

“Facebookers are especially ill-equipped in this area of basic human knowledge.  I think it might be a form of true ignorance that is actually caused by Facebook.” [Dean Traherne MD VMD PhD]

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