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Is Chaz Bono Really A Man? Doctor says “NO!”

“Chaz Bono is not really a man– not for a second.   She has the genetic makeup of a woman and in reality she’s just a mutilated woman who takes hormones.  If you gave male hormones to the Raquel Welch she would grow a beard and get chunky and manly — there is nothing in nature that makes Chaz Bono an actual man.  It’s just an illusion.”  [Dr. Sheldon Hartunis MD, Chief of Gyencological Gentics, University of Antigua, UK.


Bono is now a man — or at least she likes to think she is, but in reality she’s just a big burly girl who takes male hormones and got her breasts removed.   

It is not known if she has had a penis construction but even if she does, it will be just a tube of skin that is fashioned to look like a penis — but it doesn’t look like an actual penis.  It looks like rolled dough.  It can’t make sperm and it can’t get a normal erection.  The whole thing is a joke and normally I would feel sorry for Chaz but she should have stuck with acting masculine.

Words is out that she wanted to fire off a phone call to a major celebrity kid who dresses like a boy and wears boy’s clothes.  Seems like Chaz wants to turn every female child into a man.  Lucky Annie Oakley or Amelia Earhart never came up against this big monster truck of a she-male.  Chaz would have made them cut off their breasts and pump up with testosterone.

Also, by taking these hormones, Chaz is increasing her chances of getting all kinds of cancer — and did you see the zits on her face and shoulders?  Maybe she’s juicing.  The tattoos are very attractive too – NOT!

According to Dr. Hartunis, our sex is not determined by our hormones.  Our sex is determined by our genes.  Any man can be made to look womanly and and any woman can be made to look manly by supplementing them with the right hormones.  If Chaz’s mother Cher took testosterone injections, she would start to look like a man within 4 months.  She might even get male pattern baldness if it runs in her family.  Chaz seems to be keeping her hair, but many women who take testosterone go bald like a man.  So if Cher took the same drugs as her daughter Chaz, she would start  looking more like a Charlie than a Cher.   

“Testosterone is the hormone that governs male pattern baldness in men,” said Dr. Hartunis.  “If you give testosterone to a woman who carries the genetic makeup for male pattern baldness, she will go bald. This is why so many female to male transexuals look more authentic than their male to female counterparts. 

“It’s a question of what attracts the human eye to identify male or female and patterned baldness is a hallmark for identifying in the mind’s eye if a person is a man or a woman — but when they take off their shirts and you see the mastectomy scars and the unnatural looking nipples — a light goes off in your head and you know something is just not right.”

So — is Chaz Bono a man — the answer is NO.  Does she have a penis?  The answer is that we do not know.  Does she need to lose 175 pounds — YES!  Does she have a beard?  Not much of one but it shoud get thicker as the years go on.  She basically is just going through a male puberty now.

  1. I always wondered if Sonny Bono is really Chaz’s father.In younger years when Chaz was Chastity and a she, she never looked like either Sonny or Cher. And now, as an adult, and a he….I still see no resemblance to either Sonny or Cher.

  2. Sorry — she is the spitting image of her father and her Bono grandmother — trust me.

    Damien LeGallienne

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