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Bob Barker Near Death?

According to THE GLOBE — a very reliable Nobel Prize winning publication, game show legend Bob Barker is near death.  However, he can go on living if he guesses the time of his death without going over. 

  1. Why do you print stuff you stated Bob Barker passed away and turn around and say he is near death do you guys get your jollies doing this i will never read this crap again you people make me sick

  2. Read the story again, Julie — the one sentence story that went right over your retarded head.

  3. Once again a trashy website. Is Facebook stupid for allowing these deceiving ads? thedamienzone.com is useless and a waste of bandwidth.

  4. Who the fuck uses an AOL address in 2017?

  5. We have to demand from FACEBOOK Management to stop this crap , or ells!!!
    Can someone teach me how to delete my account from F***ing from now on I will call it”Faceshit”
    Facebook making maney of this crap, People…. wake up !!!!!!

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