Why does Robert Osborne on TCM slur his words?

In the past year or so fans have been noticing that TCM host Robert Osborne doesn’t look so well and sometimes he seems to have difficulty with words.  Also his speech seems a little difficult or impaired, but nobody seems to know the answer to the question about what might be causing this.

Some people say that he has lost weight under medical supervision and that his old clothes don’t fit him well.  Others have said that a weight loss of 10 pounds in a man his age should be compensated by better lighting so as to not reveal the unflattering effects of the weight loss.

Well, he is seventy-five and there could be a lot of things that could cause a man his age to slur his words. 

One of the usual suspects would be Bell’s Palsy — an irritation of the nerves serving his face.  This usually runs it’s course and goes away but sometimes it lingers on for a long time. 

The medical reasons number into the hundreds, but he still has the energy to get to work,  so how bad can it be — as a matter of fact sometimes he speaks perfectly, but then again we don’t really know when segments were actually filmed.  

Check out possible causes of slurred speech: http://symptoms.wrongdiagnosis.com/cosymptoms/slurred-speech.htm

Osborne is  a good guy and he’s great at his job so let’s hope there is nothing seriously wrong with him.

55 thoughts on “Why does Robert Osborne on TCM slur his words?”

  1. The one guy who made all the spelling mistakes didn’t understand your reply. Ha,Ha,Ha Even typing on the phone would not explain it. Mr. Gene London Who Provides costumes from his collection for TMC exhibits has no information concerning Robert’ s health.

  2. Whatever he likes or does not like, he can’t dislike her any longer. In either case, I have no clue. Maybe on emy readers knows about this.


  3. Came across this thread doing a quick search on Mr. Osborne. Found the comments entertaining. ;-)
    And for the record, if I recall correctly, I do beleive Mr. Osborne made mention of being married for many years when he allowed himself to be interviewed by Alec Baldwin. I present that my recollection may be wrong.

  4. I stumbled upon this post while looking up Robert Osborne.

    All I can say is that he is seeming to show his age more lately, but the man is in his early 80s. I’d say he’s pretty awesome overall.

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